Stoupakis distillates

Stoupakis Distillery releases products of excellent quality which combine harmoniously the knowledge, experience and tradition with the modern equipement and machinery. In the warehouses of the distillery the high standards of hygiene and safety guidelines are being strictly adhered. The products are kept here for as much as needed until obtain the unique, desirable flavour. The company has invested in the quality control sector by supplying the laboratory with modern equipement and highly skilled staff consisting of chemists, mechanical engineers and professional tasters. The result is that for centuries now, the products maintain their unique characteristics. The company is certified accordaning to the requirements of ISO9001:2008/HACCP.

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Ouzo Kazanisto Stoupaki

Transparent, crystal clear color, fragrant aromas of anise and aromatic herbs and mouthsense with nerve, round and balanced. Aromatic aftertaste with a slight sweetness that underlines it. ..

10.60€Ex Tax: 8.55€

Liqueur Masticha Homeric 500ml

The resinous mastic drops are 'baptized' in alcohol, which sprinkled with sugar as needed, compose a unique liqueur, where the masticha fragrance finds its clear and powerful expression. ..

13.80€Ex Tax: 11.13€