In the island of Chios, Yiannis Serafeim, in 1863, started making ouzo, using aniseed from the villages of Nenita, Flatsia, Vouno, distillating and making for the first time “Apalarina” ouzo. His descendents use the same recipe, in the same traditional ways for four generations now. Nowadays, the Distillery produces the unique Mastic Liquer, “Apalarina”. It is a sweet liquer fragranced with the famous Mastic of Chios, which emerges the quality of tradition and meets the demands of consumers.

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Liqueur Masticha Apalarina

Pure and lively mastic aroma, combined with scents of licorice, lemon peel and ginger. Mouth with sweetness and intensity, but also strongly aromatic aftertaste. ..

11.70€Ex Tax: 9.44€

Ouzo Apalarina Red

Delectable and cool, with balanced flavor and anise offering an interesting intense sensation which surrounds its round body. Peppery and anisse aftertaste. ..

12.70€Ex Tax: 10.24€

Ouzo Apalarina Blue

Timeless, delicate aromas, in a smooth ouzo, round with the anise to enrapture you. The taste is balanced, spicy and impressive. ..

10.50€Ex Tax: 8.47€