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The history of Mount Gay Rum begins in the Caribbean and specifically in the islands of Barbados in 1703, being the most important of the three island distilleries. Black Barrel was released only in 2014 and comes from spirits produced by continuous and discontinuous distillers, which then mature in..
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Aged at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level, in the "house above the clouds" in Guatemala, Zacapa® rum stands out for its gorgeous, intense and rich taste. Made from pure virgin cane honey and not molasses, Zacapa® controls the production process from cane to bottle. A rum that is internatio..
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Diplomatico Planas comes from an excellent blend created by a variety of rums, which have undergone a process of distillation in pot still, barbet column and batch kettle. Aged for at least 6 years, it is elegant, rich and unexpectedly intense. The charcoal filtration it underwent before bottling gi..
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Diplomatico Mantuano is an excellent blended rum, aged for over 8 years in white oak barrels, which were used to age bourbon and malt whiskey. For its distillation, it combines the barbet column distillers, batch kettle and pot still, creating a distillate of cane molasses and honey...
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Diplomatico Ambassador aged for 12 years in oak and then for 2 years in barrels of Pedro Ximenez wine. A rum with deep amber colour and aromas reminiscent of Porto wine. Fragrances of candied fruits, vanilla, spices and a touch of wood and smoke. Clear, creamy and fruity mouthfeel with a touch of oa..
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Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is an elegant and complex rum created from the purest sugar cane honey. It has a huge quota in pot still distillate and is aged in small oak barrels for more than 12 years. It has a unique body with excellent balance that has made it a reference for rum lovers and conno..
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Brand: Angostura
The top rum from Angostura which is derived from a blend chosen by the Master Blender of the distillery. Each rum chosen for the blend is aged for at least 12 years in American oak barrels. It has dark orange color. Aromas of sweet molasses, vanilla and butter continue on the palate with elements of..
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Brand: Matusalem
Matusalem 23 Gran Reserva Rum is aged 23 years using the classic Solera system (adding new year rum in barrels where previous years rum ages). It has aromas of honey, almond and cedar wood, while it is very rich, creamy and fruity on the palate. It has a long and spicy finish...
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