Dinapoja distillates

Dinapoja started by a hobby: friends and neighbors offered fruits from their gardens. In the gullies grow Myrtle and the mountains of the region provide generously scented herbs. This wealth of materials was offered for processing. The ambition to manufacture products which do not exist in the market was born.
Liqueur production philosophy is based on the exploitation of the fruit and not to use aromatic perfumes. The raw materials are combined and create new, original compositions.
Only organic, non-processed fruits and herbs are used, without aromas, additives or preservatives.
Herbs and fruits are picked one by one from the mountains of Asterousia and the surrounding villages. They are cleaned, washed and then placed together with raki (distilled spirits) in stainless steel tanks. The fruits remain on raki for several weeks, the alcohol gets the exposure, color and aroma of the raw material. The addition of syrup then follows, to make the composition of the liqueur. A natural liqueur should not be too sweet, as the sugar covers the rich aroma of fruit. The liqueur remains again for quite some time in stainless steel tanks, to tie the aromas and flavors. Once filtered, the liqueurs, are bottled.
A light turbidity in this natural product has natural causes and it is a quality feature of natural production.
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Liqueur Honey 500ml

A liqueur that can be considered "classic" by now, especially in the Greek islands and it is often referred to as "rakomelo".  The use of lavender and citrus peels though, have significantly enri..

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