Olive Oil

Olive Oil
A large variety of the best olive oil from the best olive plantations in Greece. In Greece and Grapes you can choose between olive oils made from exceptional varieties.
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Zero One Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 500ml Out Of Stock

Zero One Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 500ml

Extra virgin olive oil that comes in a premium package. Superior quality organic olive oil with fruity aroma and particularly rich flavor. As a superior quality olive oil, it is obtained directly from..

33.90€Ex Tax: 30.00€

7m Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is a unique luxurious packaging for an extra virgin olive oil. It combines the nutritional benefits of olive oil and edible gold. Olive oil consumption dates back to the ancient Greek civilizatio..

197.80€Ex Tax: 175.04€

KOPOS Glass Bottle - E.V.O.O. 750ml Out Of Stock

KOPOS Glass Bottle - E.V.O.O. 750ml

“Kopos” olive oil is a high quality product, carefully selected from locations around Greece. Its name, the Greek word for “toil’’, reflects the hard work that lies behind the production and processin..

11.60€Ex Tax: 10.27€

Zero One Organic Olive Oil Yellow 500ml

Traditional, superior quality extra virgin organic olive oil with a rich flavor, suitable for any use in you kitchen. The freshness and fruity flavor when opened underlines the product quality. ..

7.50€Ex Tax: 6.64€

Zero One Organic Olive Oil Green 500ml

It is produced from selected olives from privileged sections of Mr. Kalliyianis' olive grove. The slightly bitter and spicy taste refers to the high content of polyphenols with antioxidant and anti-in..

8.90€Ex Tax: 7.88€

Terroir Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml

Alexandra Manousakis created the Terroir series of products to highlight the imprint given by nature to its products. Terroir is the environment, the culture, the aromas and flavors that are hidden in..

14.90€Ex Tax: 13.19€

Five - Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Gourmet Extrissimo olive oil of ultra premium quality from Greece. 5 Ultra Premium is produced by the method of first cold extraction at low temperatures (T<27oC), under constantly controlled hygie..

19.60€Ex Tax: 17.35€

Five - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Organic Gourmet olive oil of high quality from Greece. It is obtained directly from hand picked, sustainably and organically grown olives. 5 Organic is produced by the method of first cold extraction ..

20.60€Ex Tax: 18.23€