Nut Butters

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Nutorious Mediterranean Spread

The first Greek savory spread, from air roasted cashews and pumpkin seeds, in the proportions protected by the taste balance. It's time to make different, delicious and imaginative creations!Can be co..

Ex Tax: 6.64€

Nutorious Almond Butter

A 100% natural product with roasted almonds. A spread of pure flavor, rich with nutrients. It does not contain added preservatives, sugar, salt and palm oil...

Ex Tax: 5.66€

Nutorious Almond Butter with Dark Chocolate

A natural product that contains roasted almond paste (75%) and Belgian bitter chocolate (25%). It has a mild taste, a rich aroma and a natural sweetness. It can be used as a spread on bread or toast, ..

Ex Tax: 5.66€

Nutorious Hazelnut Butter with Caramel

A natural product that contains roasted hazelnuts (75%) and bitter chocolate with caramel (toffee) (25%). It has a strong hazelnut aroma combined with the incredible taste of toffee. It can be used as..

Ex Tax: 6.11€

Nutorious Peanut Butter

Nutorious Peanut Butter is a 100% natural product from freshly roasted peanuts with an incredible aroma and a smooth texture. The product contains no unnecessary additives such as sugar and salt. It o..

Ex Tax: 3.81€