Samos Cooperative wines

The Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos (EOSS) was founded in 1934 with the participation of 26 local cooperatives representing all of the wine growers on the island. Most of the 25 villages belonging to the Samos wine terroirs lie in the northern part of the island, the part that has been the least affected by tourism. Most of the vineyards are in mountainous or semi-mountainous areas endowing grapes with the perfect gift: the chance to mature slowly and surely, attaining rich sugar content, indispensable for the creation of the divine sweet muscat wine.
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Samos Grand Cru
RP '13
JR '16
D '16
Bronze (89)

Samos Grand Cru

Bright yellow color with silver highlights. Rich and delicate aromatic character, with scents of spices, flowers, yellow fruits and sweet citrus are being pronounced. Full flavor in a gentle mouth, wi..

7.80€ 7.60€Ex Tax: 6.13€

Samos Vin Doux 2018
RP '16
JR '16
D '14

Samos Vin Doux 2018

Gold color. Primary grape aromas, flowers, fresh fruits and honey. Soft mouth with natural sweetness. The sweetness in good balance with the acidity, giving a long-lasting aftertaste. ..

7.60€ 7.40€Ex Tax: 5.97€

Samos Anthemis 2013
RP '08
JR '07
D '11
Bronze (88)

Samos Anthemis 2013

Deep amber color with copper highlights, and concentrated bouquet of the fragrances of dried apricot, sweet plum, cherry compote and butter caramel, cocoa, coffee and roasted nuts. Elegant mouth start..

10.00€ 9.60€Ex Tax: 7.74€

Samos Nectar 2012
RP '10
JR '10
D '10
Silver (90)

Samos Nectar 2012

Dark golden color, and aromatic character dominated by dried apricot and plum, stewed fruit, butter caramel, cinnamon and roasted nuts. Elegant and harmonious mouth, with good acidity, ripe, with Musc..

17.00€ 16.50€Ex Tax: 13.31€