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This is Pork Cooking Mix (15gr)

This is Pork Cooking Mix (15gr)
This is Pork Cooking Mix (15gr)
Spice up your favorite dishes and reduce cooking salt by adding combinations of Mediterranean herbs to your cooking. Use just a little bit of our herb mixes, they will pull your recipe together and flood your meal with amazing flavors and aromas. 

This is a limited production ”THIS IS PORK” salt free cooking mix.  Greek oregano Origanum Vulgare Hirtum and sage Salvia Officinalis mixed together, offering a warm and full of aromas flavor in your pork dishes. Simply season pork along with olive oil before cooking and let it marinate or directly spice your casserole course. For a delicious pork roast, mix this unique blend with mustard, honey and olive oil.

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