Clever point


Clever Point is a new growing and evolutionary network of points, to pick up your online orders!
It is an adjustment to the modern way of life, where Internet orders increase, while everyoine is less and less hours at home, with no available time to receive their purchases.
So forget having to arrange time slots in order to be at home, waiting for the delivery. Clever point network provides the sollution!
In a network of points, which continuously increases and one of them will be on your way, with expanded opening hours, you are able to pick up your order from Greece and Grapes... on your way home or going to work, before or after somewhere you need to be or even when you go out for other shopping.
You will be informed by SMS or email for the status of your order, and all you will need to do, is come by the Clever point you have choosen, to pick up your order.
See here the Clever point that fits your schedule.