Wines from Chios

History ranks Chios among the most significant wine regions of Greece, since the once famous wine Ariousios and later the also very popular Malvasia wines was produced there. Nowadays, the island's small wine industry, revolves mainly around the red variety Mantilaria and also the local red varieties Fokiano and Agianniotiko.
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Liqueur Masticha Tetteris 500ml

Mastic aroma, discreet on the nose and more lively in taste. Balanced and elegant sweetness.

10.80€Ex Tax: 8.71€

Liqueur Masticha Apalarina

Pure and lively mastic aroma, combined with scents of licorice, lemon peel and ginger. Mouth with ..

11.70€Ex Tax: 9.44€

Ouzo Apalarina Red

Delectable and cool, with balanced flavor and anise offering an interesting intense sensation whic..

12.70€Ex Tax: 10.24€

Ouzo Rempiko

It took its name from the traditional bronze alembic, as it is called in the Chian dialect. Pur..

10.80€Ex Tax: 8.71€

Liqueur Masticha Psichis 500ml

The liqueur Masticha Psichis is produced from the distillation of mastic coming from specific mast..

15.50€Ex Tax: 12.50€

Limoncello Stefos

Color greenish yellow. Rich and intense Chios lemon flavor It is served frozen, usually after a go..

13.00€Ex Tax: 10.48€

Chios Fresh

Blond ale beer produced in Kampos, Chios, made of whole hop flowers and 3 fine malt varieties. 4 t..

2.40€Ex Tax: 1.94€

Ouzo Kazanisto Stoupaki

Transparent, crystal clear color, fragrant aromas of anise and aromatic herbs and mouthsense with ..

10.60€Ex Tax: 8.55€

Ouzo Apalarina Blue

Timeless, delicate aromas, in a smooth ouzo, round with the anise to enrapture you. The taste is b..

10.50€Ex Tax: 8.47€

Liqueur Masticha Homeric 500ml

The resinous mastic drops are 'baptized' in alcohol, which sprinkled with sugar as needed, compose..

13.80€Ex Tax: 11.13€

Ariousios Glikazon 2013

Red color of medium density, with red brick highlights and a sequence of mature flavors like dried..

10.50€ 10.20€Ex Tax: 8.23€

Liqueur Masticha Psichis 700ml

The liqueur Masticha Psichis is produced from the distillation of mastic coming from specific mast..

19.90€Ex Tax: 16.05€