Wine tips and tricks

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For maximum enjoyment of our wine and the use of all our senses, we insist that things are much simpler compared to what we think. To try and drink a wine correctly and hence to enjoy is not difficult and that is why we explain how to do it:


Ideally, our wine is served at the correct temperature and suitable stemmed glass.

We initially assess its color, being careful not to have residues from the cork and other items that you might as well make it unfit for consumption. We keep our glass of the base or the backbone, and not its upper space since we blur it with our fingers and heat it, making the alcohol evaporation time faster.


We smell our wine without the shaking our glass. We discern some aromas. It is still closed and introverted. We shake 3 to 4 times the content of our glass and smell again. We observe that our wine slowly opens. Different flavors, more intense, more complex and more familiar now. This is to understand glass of wine shaking means when we notice someone doing it.


We taste the flavor and make sure to go all around our mouths to distinguish style, acidity and the tannins that make the body of our wine. Perfect. Now we have a complete picture of the color, aromas, whether it is dry or other kind of wine, whether it is characterized by high acidity or not. In addition, we recognize if it contains tannins or it is medium or full-bodied wine and what level of aftertaste leaves us. All of this creates an experience and a conclusion for our wine and how we intend to enjoy it and if we will buy it again.


Simple things that turn our wine to a protagonist rather than a simple companion.

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