Rose Summer

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First we need to remember that rose wines apart from being a trend the past few years they form a very important sales and volume consumption share as well. Rose wines conquer the world at an increasing and rapid rate.

During the past decade consumption of rose wines in the United States have increased over 20% whilst they remain the third largest rose wine producing country in the world. Studies show the need for more premium rose wines a fact that automatically make it a protagonist at dinners and on restaurant menus.

In Europe, Italy and France take the lead with the largest production something that indicates that the two most traditional wine powers in Europe are adopting this tendency as well as taking this product very seriously.

News about rose wines in Greece are also very positive. Greek rose wines distinguished themselves during tastings as well as notes with awards coming in from international competitions. The very serious work being done by Greek wineries by taking advantage of the country's native varieties as well as the classical wines have managed in creating very strong rose blended wines and equally remarkable single varietal wines all of which have appeared and been recognized.

Try, experiment and seek the rose that suits your meal or one that appeals to you on its own. The ideal combination for a rose summer!

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