What specialists have to say about Greek wines

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Although the Greek wine production corresponds to a very small part of the world's global vineyard, many producers in recent years decided to send their wines to be judged in large wine competitions or very famous magazines and critics abroad.


The distinctive character of Greek varieties, the terroir and the development of wine-making techniques, have all contributed to the many achievements Greek wines get in these reviews.


Although the wine offers delights, and always the final judge of what you like will always be you, if you do not know a lot about Greek grape varieties and labels of Greek winemakers, we have accumulated various recent Greek wines scores at well-known international competitions (or by famous critics), to assist you in your inquiries and final selection.


This does not mean that we encourage you to follow blindly scores from wherever they come (occasionally you may see differences between competitions for the same wine, for the very simple reason that there is always the criterion of subjectivity, regardless of how famous and competent the judges are). Those of you who do not know much about Greek wine, or even wine in general, we invite you to first discover the wines made by Greek varieties, and then gradually form your own point of view, beyond third parties reviews and ratings.


A few words about the scores you can find in our product pages:


The Decanter is a well-known British magazine whose fame has crossed the boundaries of Britain and its awards have special significance for each winemaker, from wherever he/she comes (Decanter World Wine Awards 2015: Greek Wines).


The Wine System AG is a Germany based services company which evaluates wines in a blind system based on the PAR® methodology (Product, Analysis, Ranking) developed by Martin Darting in order to be as more objective as possible (Results 2015Results 2014))


The American magazine Wine Enthusiast was established in 1988 by Adam and Sybil Strum as part of the Wine Enthusiast group of companies. It gradually gained international fame at a level that its wines' evaluations are respected in various markets (Buying Guide > All Regions > Greek Wines).



Robert M. Parker Jr. is a leading US wine critic with an international influence. The assessments are made on a 100-point scale and together with his newsletter/magazine The Wine Advocate which presents his preferences in his own style and vocabulary, have gained great influence in the American wine market and, therefore, became an important factor in determining the price of new wines (mainly Bordeaux in the early years but now from the whole world). It is widely known to be the most recognizable and influential wine critic in the world today (https://www.erobertparker.com).


We have gathered all the available ratings from these 4 reviews and you can see them in the characteristics of each wine (provided that exists a rating for the particular wine). In some wines you will find ratings from more than one of the critics. In those cases, you will be able to understand our aforementioned point of view, i.e. that even from specialists, personal preferences play a significant role and ratings may differ.

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