Wine – A Rookie's Decalogue

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Start with easy wines. Look at the known and mostly greek varieties. Our opinion is Malagouozia, Moschofilero, Muscat of Alexandria in the whites category, and Agiorgitiko and Merlot in the reds category. Avoid the strange varieties that might be promoted due to marketing.


Drink young – fresh wines. Don;t make the mistake that most people make that again due to the name or to impress, they start with aged and expensive wines. These require special treatment (decantation, food, special storing). Try the current harvests.


Wine tourism. An excellent opportunity – experience is when wine , food and vacations are combined. Visit wineries, meet their work , purchase products at preferential prices.


Wine exhibitions. One more excellent opportunity to try a large number of wines, see what suits you and discover new flavours. For example “Voroina” every September in Thessaloniki, The Map of Flavours again in Thessaloniki and the Dionysia every March in Athens.


Trust the experts. Ask at a liquor store, describe the occasion and what you want to combine it with.


Cook with wine. Discover the aromas that emerge during the combination with the wine.


Drink in moderation. We drink to enjoy, to try and not to get drunk. Abuse leads to the known results.


Take care of the wines. Don't store them in places that are very hot especially during summer, don't expose them to the sun and keep them at a horizontal position.


Browse the internet for information. Nowadays, internet offers you a huge thematic library about wine. Special websites by professionals or simple wine lovers, will surely amaze you.


Drink them with friends.

Because wine tastes better when drunk with friends and good company!

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