Wine and delicacies: How are they combined?

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Are you getting ready to invite friends over for a gourmet meal? The following tips will seem very useful in order for you to offer them an extraordinary experience!

In order to create a balanced tasting total, the prevailing flavors need to have similar qualitative and quatitave characteristics.
For this reason be sure to combine light meals with white wine and intense flavoured meals with wines with mature and strong aroma. This way neither the wine nor the dish will prevail, but their tastes will have a balanced combination.

The wine' s enemies on the table are the vinegar, the orange, the lemon and the grapefruit as the acidity alter its taste. Oily fish give wine a metallic taste while the combination of wine and soup, is not recommended. Although there are no rules that apply in all cases, the above proposals, highlight the food's  and the wine' s taste, but at the same time they don't alter one another.


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