Wine for a happily ever after

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Multiply the number of guests (at least 100) with:

The approximate amount of our guest drinking consuption estimated. An average number is 2.5 glasses per guest (except in special cases). (so 2,5 x 100 = 250 glasses)

Given that each bottle takes out about 5 glasses of wine and dividing it bythe total number of glasses that we figured that our guests will consume (250:5 = 50bottles), we find the number of bottles needed.

Since during the summer, white wine has a greater consumption than red, we believe that 70% of wines should be white (35 bottles), and 30% red (15 bottles). Alternatives are: a) 60% white, 15% rosé and 25% red, b) 15% sparkling wines (for the welcome drink, the salads and the starters), 60% white and 25% red.

In case you choose to serve and dessert wine with the wedding cake, then we estimate an average of 1 glass per person and 8 glasses per bottle because both the amount of sweet wine that is served as well as the appropriate glasses for sweet wine are smaller than the glasses that are used for dry wine. (so for 100 guests: 100:8 = 12.5 bottles).

Finally you alsoexploit the current offers on wines from our cellar racks and choose accordingly to your pocket and your capacities, to avoid the well-known dictum that says: "in the end... lend the groom" ...

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