Red wine with bitter chocolate and fruits!

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If you don't like carrots, you can forget them! According to the Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon & Medical Director, Milind Pande, wine 's high concentration of resveratrol content is believed to help hold back the age-related deterioration of the muscles in the eyes which can lead to vision problems. Resveratrol also halts the growth of blood vessels in the eye decreasing blindness possibilities. Its protective effect is intensified when combined with foods rich in vitamin A, C and E and fruit rich in colour such as orange and red peppers, strawberries, mandarins and oranges. This way you could combine a mellow red wine like the Mavrodaphne and fruit with melted bitter chocolate that is rich in antioxidants. Despite the caloric density it is not only enjoyable but also has high nutritional value.



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