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Oxygen! Wine' s biggest enemy, when exposed under bad storing circumstances, but also its biggest ally when the serving time comes. So the oxygen destroys the wine, when it manages to come in contact with it. Being stored under conditions of high temperatures and low humidity which dries and shrinks the floats, allowing the devastating enemy to enter. But oxygen itself is what makes an exuberant red, breathe and reveal its layered aromas and multi-dimentional soft taste. There are not a few wine (rich whites and mostly reds) that are really transformed as they breathe in the glass. You open it and initially they are “shy” and “modest”. They hesitate to let go, they refuse to express at the outset their aromatic and tasty wealth, since they seek the oxygen' s company, which negates the contractions and encourages the expression. The wines that as left in the glass, reveal themselves are exceptional, often big and deep both in taste but in aromas as well. But there are others. There are wines that initially seem exorbitant and balanced, but as time passes through and they get touched by oxygen, they bring out, a different look. They close, loosing much of the aromatic and specially dimension that they seemed to have in the first opening. In short, wines bend under the oxygen' s presence. And that happens because they are superficial wines with no depth and substance. It's like the people that make noise with their appearance and figure, in order to impress. You will see them and they will draw your attention for a few minutes or seconds, but once you take a few good breathes of oxygen, you will place them under the torment of logic and crisis and you will have discharged them. Th completely opposite will happen with the low profile people. Reserved at first, but further acquaintance with them will have not only to reveal the true wealth they carry in their hearts. So give time to all the wines you pour in your glass. Don't judge them right away. Give time to he oxygen to do its job and help you with your verdict. That is the only way that you will criticize and validate the wine you drink with reliability. And that is the only way you will avoid mistakes and failures in your quest towards becoming a skilful gourmet. Not like they usually do in competitions where the wines are judged on factory levels and briefly through the incorruptible and objective blind tasting.

Giannos Konstantinou
Source: http://www.cypruswinepages.com/cgibin/hweb?-A=4922&-V=articles

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