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While reading a very interesting point of view of Panos Deligiannis in an article in the FNL Guide, to mark the arrival of Santorini of Tselepos, we were given the opportunity to reflect once more on the prices of Greek wines.


Obviously, we all have the need for affordable everyday wine. But how can we talk about great greek wines, when even significant vinifications are characterized by moderate prices.


A few months ago we created a new attribute of our site, a new category of Fine Wines, consisting of great wines. We observed that the interest shown in this is important, not only in Greece, but also by foreign consumers.


With regard to aforementioned section, please refer to the segment with the Featured wines of the month, where you will see two excellent vinifications that have already received the most positive reviews and are extremely popular. We are reffering to the Le Roi des Montagnes Cuvee, the Cabernet from the Papargyriou Vineyard in Corinth and the Assyrtiko de Louros Vignes Centenaires of Charidimos Hatzidaki from Santorini.


Despite the pinched prices they deserve the designation of value for money since they are the top two wines, confirming class and value and the potential for a long aging.

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