New Trend?

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Shipping Charges are not included in the total.Is a new fashion cooking or do eventually wines with oxidant characters (i.e. The ones that instead of avoiding oxygen, they seek for it instead) is simply the "trend" of some, a little bit restless winemakers?

Some of the most famous and successful worldwide, oxidative style wines, are the spanish, sherry or jerez, that are produced, for the most part, from the white Palomino grape variety. Their production differs from the usual white vinification at most stages, but is formed primarily in both half-full barrels where they mature and then by the Solera system used during their aging process.

It's about a meticulously thought-out and controlled oxidation process, which gives them special characters, which of course does not suit all palates.

In Greece there are few winegrowers engaged in similar experiments, but in response to the recent launch of the special wine 'Meta' (orange wine) from the Pierian Erateini, remember and two more – different style, admittedly – oxidative character wines, spicy Kapnistos by Dalamara  produced by Malagouzia and Assyrtiko, and Orange Methymnaio from the Chydiriwtiko variety from Mytilini.

"Meta" is however the most comprehensive and mature approach to this type of wine, which deals with the oxidative aging of variety, of Malagousia is well-made, ended a long ageing wine with a nose reminiscent of dessert wine, and ginomeno mouth, concentration and nerve. This wine will impress, pleasantly surprising your friends, along with a platter of ripe and overripe (kopanisti) cheeses and a variety of jams, honey and fresh fruits. If not, smoke and cigar, then this wine closes meaning eye.

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