Nemea vs. Naoussa: Two extraordinary wines under 13€!

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Nemea vs. Naoussa: Two extraordinary wines under 13€!

Foundis Naoussa 2013 & Mitravelas Nemea 2017

Available until Friday with -15%


 In Greece and Grapes we have been supporting Greek wine since its inception, by searching not only for what you are asking for but also for the best value for money ideas. Something that has become increasingly tough, since quite a few wines and not only Santorinis have been moving uphill. There are still, however, some fascinating wines in the price range of 12-15 euros that could look international wines of a similar price tag straight in the eye.


 Today we propose a "Kramer vs. Kramer" wine combination. One Nemea and one Naoussa next to each other, from Foundis and Mitravelas wineries, which are offered until Friday with -15%. By buying both wines you earn 18%!


The Wines


Estate Foundis Naoussa 2013 |  14.50€ 12.30€



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 The flagship wine of Foundis estate comes from the Karaoutsa vineyard, with its light soils that are responsible for the distinctively sophisticated character of the wine. Exotic, with a wonderful fragrant, earthy, porcini mushroom bouquet along wild strawberry and refined yet firm tannins. A wine with intense umami character.


When to drink: From now on and for the next two decades.


The perfect pairing: Wild mushroom risotto or sautéed wild mushrooms next to a very salty cheese. The greatness of simplicity.


Mitravelas Nemea 2017 |  15.10€12.80€


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 After the stunning 2016 vintage, that won Gold at the Decanter Awards with a score of 95/100, the 2017 is reintroduced with a new label and an even more sophisticated character. This delivers a wonderful expression of red fruit, perfect oak integration with second use oak for just 7 months and a general sense of hands-off approach, highlighting the quintessential aromas of Agiorgitiko. An effort that we hope it finds more followers, as it highlights the sensual side of Nemea.

When to drink: From now on and for the next 8 years.

The perfect pairing: Grilled sausages and spicy kebabs.









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