the most common mistakes we make with wine

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Wine' s quality does not only depend on its productive process and bottling, but on the use of it by us. We might not know it, but we all make interventions that affect the final wine score. Well, let's take a look at some common mistakes that we make, in order to avoid them next time.

Extremely iced wine
Excessive cooling is one of the most common mistakes and can greatly affect the enjoyment of a wine. We may believe that the cooler the wine the better, but white wine looses its scent and taste this way and increases the feeling of acidity, while in red wine, the sense of tannins increases and that is how the wines simply become indifferently.

Extremely warm wine
When we serve very warm wines, the result can be worse than when they are serve ice cold. Excessive heating to even closed bottles, can cause permanent damage by changing the wine' s scents and colour. High temperature accelerates the alcohol's evaporation process from the glass and after all this distortion, the wines has a rather bland flavour.

Inappropriate appetizers
The aspect dominating that we can combine wine with all the meals no matter the choice, but this spect is completely wrong. For example combining intense wines with oily  fishes, makes their taste seem subdued, while when low acidity wines are combined with salads with acidic dressings, they immediately become tasteless.

We don't let the wine breathe
It is very important to let the wine breathe before we serve it. Inside the closed bottle there is little or no oxygen and after opening the bottle, it is required to let the wine breathe a little and balance its scents and tastes and perfectly bring out its character. 

Inappropriate glasses
Truth is we don't give much attention to the wine in which we are going to serve our wine and indeed, maybe it sound a bit far fetched. However a right glass definitely highlights the wine' s taste.   It's best to avoid drinking in water glasses or wine short glasses and replace them with big goblet glasses with wide rim for the reds and the heavier wines that let the wine breathe and tall glasses with tighter rim for the flavoring whites.

We don't give second chances
we are offtenly very absolute in relation to the image that we form bout a wine and we don't easily give second chances. We must know however, that the first try isn't always representative for the taste of a wine and we should not be so absolute when we don't like something with the first try. There are many external factors involved in our judgement, for example a not so perfectly clean glass or an intense smell to it or even dust residues or a false cork.


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