Malagouzia - the spring in her

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So what if she is not known abroad as the now international Assyrtiko and Moschofilero. So what if she is less widespread than the Savatiano and the Roditi. The Malagouzia has paved her own path rapidly and upwards. 

The Malagouzia is a variety that gives white wines character and rare virtues. Loves the greek soil so much that is cultivated in almost the whole of Greece even in small areas. 

Using the classical vinification process for white wines, it usually gives out dry, yellow wines with wonderful aromas and complex personalities that are distinguished by white body fruits such as peach, giarma but also exotic fruits like mango, lychee and pineapple as well. Fresh aromatic herbs, white flowers, green pepper and citrus but even some notes of lukum or roses contribute to this excellent aromatic feast.

The Malagouzia is about wines with good body and satisfactory acidities. A small but discreet pass through a barrel, can increase their interest and in some cases endow them with durability and finally some successful sweet wine vinification attempts have also been made.

To enjoy the Malagouzia it in all its splendor its temperament and its authentic side, select single variety wines. The variety is lively both in Malagouzia by Techni Oinou and by Tetramythos as well as in Malagouzia by Gerovasiliou and by Claudia Papagianni. The more distinct with an identity and unique personality are those by the Alpha Estate, Papaioannou and Symeonidi. 

The Malagouzia by Arvanitidi and Avantis Estate, are presented with a special, charming complexity while the one by Antonopoulos, are more of a straight choice full of minerality and nerve. If you'd like to test the effect of the barrel on her we suggest you try out the Malagouzia Dryos by Chatzimichali. Next test her blends and vinification with the Viognier in Thyrsus by Oinogenesis which are extremely interesting but also the twelve month aged Kapnistos by Dalamara. The twelve month old is produced with a blend of Malagouzia and Assyrtiko will let us know that this variety is not joking. As an epilogue, the Late Harvest Malagouzia by Gerovasiliou, deifies the sweet side of its character and even if the Omega by alpha Estate is a blend of Malagouzia and Gewurztraminer, the aromatic richness of Malagouzia is what specifies this impressive result. 

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