I see you in my glass!

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Let's start from the basic rule, which is no other than that the right choice of glass gives the wine, the ability o highlight all the aromas, the tastes and the colour' s clarity. So based on the rule, each wine type has its type of glass.

The relationship between  the wine and the glass, is special, so much that the glass affects directly and in great extent, all of the wine' s characteristics. And not a simple glass but a tall glass with their respective sizes and shapes.

A tall glass has its own  advantages. It allows us to hold it without our hands coming into contact with the cup's wall, thus avoiding the change of the wine' s temperature bu t also to be able to look at its colour and clarity. Also, by holding the glass by its leg, helps us whirl the wine in the glass with more comfort and convenience.

Which glass shape corresponds to each kind of wine?

White wine glass

The bowl of the glass must be tighter so that the wine wn't have enough time to get warmed up. White wine usually has simple fruity or flowery scents, which we want to make more intense.
That is achieved with the help of glasses with a more closed rim. Because the white wines are served cool, we hold the glass by its leg so that the white wine doesn't get warmer.

Red wine glass

The bowl must be bigger than the white wine' s glass because the scents are more and red wine wants more more space in order to bring them out. Also the rim must be wider, because the intense aromas need space and oxygen in order for them to unfold. There is a specialized variety in the red wine' s glasses depending on the type, origin and age.

Rose wine glass

The bowl must be  the smallest one so that it won't warm up. Th rim must be wide in order for the scents to emerge. Rose wines are served cool.


Champagne's glass

A tall narrow flute glass, is the champagnes glass. The rim is more narrow appointing the champagne' s taste and the delicate aroma, accumulating it to the top of the glass. The height of the glass, allows the bubbles to not only offer us a nice visual spectacle but to help the scents emerge faster in the glass as well.


Sweet wine glass

In a liqueur glass we serve our sweet wine as an aperitif or as a dessert. The bowl has the shape of a funnel allowing sweet wine to develop its complex aromas. Its size is smallest relatively to the rest of the glass and its rim is more closed so that it gathers all the wine' s aroma and taste.


  • We fill up the one third of its capacity to maintain the temperature to the desired levels, but to leave enough space for the aroma concentration.
  • The shape of the glass defines the way that we will small and taste the wine.
  • Reject the colourful, hand painted and carved glasses. A transparent simple or crystal glass without many carvings, accentuates the wine' s colour.



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