How long can an opened wine bottle last?

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Just opened a wine and there is still some remaining? Here are 4 solutions for preservation:


1. Classic case: Close the bottle with a cork, place it in the refrigerator and in that case make sure you consume within 24 hours.

2. Decant the wine into smaller, clean bottle, which fits if possible, just as our remaining wine, thereby minimizing the existence of oxygen inside the bottle and hence the wine's contact with oxygen. In this way, the wine is maintained in good condition for at least 2 days.

3. Obtain the special pump and set specific caps, removing oxygen, creating a vacuum in the bottle. Drink the wine within 3-4 days.

4. For a very expensive bottle of wine, the rule is: we don't only drop. If however something is unattainable, we invest in a suitable system that is filled with inert gas vacuum of the bottle, thus replacing the oxygen. Our choices are special wine dispensers and Coravin.

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