Homemade Sangria!

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What better than a wine cocktail and more specifically, an authentic homemade Sangria which if nothing else, is ea wine cocktail.


Red Sangria

We will need:


A bottle of red wine such as Merlot or Tempranillo


1 cup grapefruit juice


¼ cup sugar and the juice from 2 limes or 2 small lemons




We empty the bottles content into a larger container and then add the grapefruit juice and add the sugar right after. Stir well until the sugar has melted.
Once it's melted, we add the lime (or lemon) juice, we slightly stir and we are ready. Serve in a wine glasss with ice cubes accompanied by 2-3 orange or apple slices.


Λευκή Sangria

We will need:

A bottle of Prosecco or Cava


2-3 tsp sugar


3 peaches and the lemon from a lemon




Cut the peaches in cubes, sprinkle them with sugar and lemon. Then, place them in a jug which you will fill with the wine of your choice. Stir and you are ready. 
Serve in a wine glass with a lot of ice accompanied with the peach cubes in jug.



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