Cork Art

Posted by Yiannis 07/03/2014 0 Comment(s) Short and Useful, Art and Wine,

Did you know that there are thousands of ways to use corks? The next time you open a wine, do not throw away the cork. When you have enough of them, try to make something from what we suggest below. This way, you recycle and save money by creating beautiful ornaments for your home.

1. Coasters:
Cut cork caps in the middle. Glue the one next to the other, making your own for your coasters.

2. Billboard:
On any basis (some old board) stuck lying corks one next to the other. Then get some pins and put your notes on it.

3.Vase with flowers, water and corks:
Someone brought you a bouquet? Inside the jar, add corks along with water. Isn't it beautiful?

4. Magnets for your refrigerator:
Buy some plain magnets and an all-purpose glue. Cut cork as you like and glue the magnets. When the glue is thoroughly dry, put them on your refrigerator.

5. Signs for your fresh herbs:
You have many pots with fresh herbs and sometimes you confuse which is which. There is a solution. Take the cork and pin a toothpick in the underside. Write the names of the herbs with a marker you like and place the cork in the pots. Beautiful, huh?


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