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Champagnes, sparkling sweet wines, semi sweet or semi dry sparkling wines, prosecco and many more sparkling wines fill up our flute glasses confirming the tendency prevailing all over the planet. Wine maps are now affected by the bubble in all its forms setting them apart from the old standards and stereotypes.

However, summer is the best season of the year to confirm this and drinking such wines creates a refreshing and cool sensation that satisfies and makes us getting to know these types of wines. On the other hand, known chefs suggest that champagne or any other sparkling wine alongside their dishes, create the ideal food pairing. They claim that when these wines are matched to delicate dishes or even simpler ones can create the perfect combination. It seems that sparkling wines are no longer the official drink during a reception or a celebration but without losing their prestige and elegance.

Furthermore many tastings have already taken place abroad and especially in the U.S. focusing on the perfect combination. Food and drinks such as BBQ Ribs escorted by champagne or even pop corn with a sparkling sweet wine confirm the tendency but also the love for bubbles. Drunk always in a flute glass, the golden yellow or pink elegant bubbles float to the top with scents that daze us from the very beginning.
Flowers, strawberries, vanilla and white fruit are the scents experienced when we refer to champagne. The outstanding protagonist.

Therefore, sparkling wine become your aperitif, refreshing and delightful, your combination to food or even your escort to a night out. That is the moment to enjoy.


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Greece and Grapes
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