The best of Agiorgitiko,-18% until Friday!

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The best of Agiorgitiko,
-18% until Friday!



 Agiorgitiko is a wonderful, expressive and rather unpretentious variety. Fruity, direct and enjoyable, if it has been a movie, the creator of modern blockbusters Steven Spielberg would have directed it. The classical expression comes from the area of Nemea, though it has spread to the rest of the country as well, producing there equally fascinating examples.


 When the producers of Agiorgitiko get it right the result is unrivalled, by combining the deep fruity taste with a gentle palate and solid ageing potential of approximately ten years following the harvest. But, due to its great success and the frequent enthusiasm of producers for new oak, its quality has been fluctuating in recent years.


 We in Greece and Grapes we have selected, not the cheapest, but some of the best Agiorgitkos and we have grouped them according to style. Get your hands on some the most thrilling examples, offered until Friday with a 18% off. 

♦ Fruity style

• Red in Black 2017| 8.60€ 7.05€ 


The absolute value for money Agiorgitiko that changed the perception of a fruity Nemea.

• Monograph Agiorgitiko/Syrah 2017 | 7.50€ 6.15€ 

Agiorgitiko is married here with Syrah, providing richness and long aftertaste.

• Oinari 2015 | 8.90€ 7.30€ 

Agiorgitiko and Mavrodaphne from the master of red wines Thanasis Parparoussis, at a price that you’ ll find it hard to believe.

♦ Classic Nemea that matures in oak

• Tselepos Nemea 2016 | 10.70€ 8.80€ 


From Koutsi terroir, a Nemea with power and grace.

• Bizios Nemea BIO 2012 | 14.30€ 11.70€ 

Nemea from Asprokambos terroir, structured and with tension.

• Aivalis Nemea 2017 | 13.20€ 10.80€ 

The absolute expression of Agiorgitiko, with incredible power and a layered character.

♦ The Outsiders (Agiorgitiko beyond Nemea)

• Tetramythos Agiorgitiko Naturε 2016 | 10.70€ 7.95€ 

Natural approach of Agiorgitiko from the mountainous Aigialia at 715 m. Velvety and soft with high intensity and elegance.

• Areti 2010 | 16.90€ 13.80€ 

Agiorgitiko as expressed in the Pangeon terroir. Firm and serious with great ageing potential.

+ Some ideas for food pairings 

Ideal with stew, but will be amazing with a variety of sausages and soft cheeses to more sophisticated dishes.

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