Natural wines in Greece: A Greece and Grapes selection

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Natural wines in Greece: A Greece and Grapes selection




  Natural wines is a trend that cannot be ignored. Like everywhere else in the world, some Greek winemakers have chosen to follow this path as well, trying to produce wines under minimal intervention scheme that are terroir-driven, expressive and well-made. And the results are fascinating which clearly show the dynamics of the so-called ''natural movement''.  


 In Greece and Grapes we recently launched a selection of Natural wines (link is here) and out of those we suggest the following:




Tetramythos Roditis Naturε 2017 | 10.70€
A wonderful Roditis, from high altitude vineyards at 850m in Aigialeia.





Kleftes 2017 | 8.50€
No Added Sulphur Savatiano, from Markou vineyards.





Metageitnion 2017 | 26.10€
Sclavos crafts with Metageitnion one of the most exotic wines in Greece.





Petrakopoulos Robola Natural 2016 | 19.60€
Fat and fresh Robola, from boutique Petrakopoulos winery in Cephalonia. 





Mystirio/21 2017 | 29.90€
Mystirio/21 is the first skin contact Santorini. 2017 vintage has seen 21 days of extraction.





Krᾱsis 2015 | 13.90€
Amazing terroir-driven Mavrodaphne from the biodyanamic vineyards of Sant'Or in the Peloponnese. 





Oenos Nature Naoussa 2015 | 13.20€
Naoussa with minimal intervention from Trilofos and Fitia vineyards, vinified by Apostolis Thymiopoulos. 





Kamara Pure Nimbus Russus 2015 | 23.70€
Intriguing blend of Xinomavro, Merlor and Syrah. Velvety and peppery. 





Tetramythos Retsina Amphorε Naturε | 9.50€
Not your ordinary Retsina. Amphora fermented with tiny quantities of resin.



*More on Natural wines


What are Natural Wines: In simple words, these are wines produced from organic or biodynamic grapes without additives, and with emphasis on the ethics of the producer.


Which is the taste of Natural Wines: In white wines, the color is often lemon to gold with aromas that resemble nuts, honey, quince, and orange peel. The mouth is distinguished for tension, freshness and nerve, often with a sense of minerality. There is often a phenolic grip in whites. Red wines are distinguished for earthy mature aromas and deliver great complexity.


How to pair Natural Wines: Their food pairings are some of their very strong points, as the whites match both fish and meat. Try them with intense and mature cheeses, appetizers that traditionally match Retsina, but also main dishes based on pork or lamb. It is also a great combination with various ethnic dishes, such as curry chicken and other spicy flavors.



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