Best of Aged Tsipouro,15% off until Sunday!

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Best of Aged Tsipouro,
15% off until Sunday!


 Aged tsipouro that matures in wood is a recent evolution of the tsipouro sector. These layered distillates have been called the new "Greek malts" or the "Greek grappa" if you prefer, highlighting the method of production and the complex character they acquire over the maturation period. We invite you to try something different and distinctive and take a ride on the aged side of tsipouro.

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You can check all the aged tsipouros here or take a look in our 11 best of suggestions


Aged Tsipouro Sigalas | 24.90€21.16€
Product of double distillation from Assyrtiko and Mavrotragano grape marc. Matures in barrels that the sweet Santorini Vinsanto has previously aged.

Chrysi Vidra | 24.90€21.16€
Aged tsipouro from Debina grapes, produced by Glinavos winery, aged in French oak barrels, which were used before for red wine making. 


Aged Tsipouro Markogianni | 22.00€18.70€
Roditis,Mavroudi and Aspoudi varieties, from the promising Markogianni winery.


Aged Tsipouro Katsaros | 39.80€33.83€
This is a unique drink, which comes from the triple distillation of Muscat of Tyrnavos, aged in French oak barrels for three years.

Puro | 39.90€33.91€
A unique distillate from Black Muscat.

Manifesto Grego | 22.90€19.46€
A milestone for the promotion of premium spirits.


Epirotiko | 25.00€21.25€
Aged tsipouro from Debina grapes, produced by Zoinos winery.

Wine distillate Palaiothen | 37.70€32.04€
A unique, delicate taste experience, from the hands of Thanassis Parparoussis. The variety is Sideritis.

Tsiakkas Zivania | 36.30€30.86€
An innovation and a new expression of the traditional distillate of Cyprus. Slow aging in oak barrels of Commandaria. Rich flavor with sweet aromas and long aftertaste.

Dark Cave  | 32.60€27.71€
The definition of complexity, in a tsipouro that matures in Vinsanto and red wine barrels for five years.

Aged Tsipouro Kardasi | 35.60€30.26€
Muscat of Tyrnavos, aged in American and French oak barrels.


• How to enjoy an aged tsipouro 
Enjoy it responsibly, at temperatures of 16°C (while unoaked tsipouro close to 10°C). Use a glass of cognac or malt whiskey. Drink it slowly as a digestif.


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