All I want for Christmas is you: 9 XL bottles for the Holidays!

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 Coming closer to Christmas days here in Greece and Grapes, we have prepared for you the most prestigious wine proposals for the festive table.


 They say there is no better gift than a bottle of wine, but be sure that this is half the truth. If you want to present something really impressive but also practical at the same time, the best solution is a Magnum bottle. Especially when the company moves into more than 6 people, a Magnum bottle is required. Each guest will get an opportunity to taste a fair amount of wine and not just get a sip.


The wines:



Karamolegos Assyrtiko 34 Magnum 2017 | 48.60€




Following the 2016 Assyrtiko that won Decanter's Best in Show, the 2017
vintage shows up better than ever.



Nostos Roussanne Magnum 2015 | 54.70€



A milestone wine for the Cretan vineyard, from Roussanne variety.
Totally Rhone n' Rock. 



Gentilini "R" Robola of Kefalonia Magnum 2015 | 68.40€




This Robola is matured for 24 months with the lees, evolving into a
gorgeous gastronomic wine. 





Biblia Chora Bibloinos Magnum 2017 | 34.10€




An excellent and singular food wine from a rare yet unidentified
variety. A wine with strong personality. 





Katsaros Red Magnum 2012 | 46.90€




The timeless "Greek Bordeaux", from the Katsaros family winery and the
mountainous Krania terroir.



Tselepos Kokkinomylos Magnum 2015 | 47.90€



The "Greek Pomerol", from a single vineyard in mountainous Tegea and
the vintage of 2015. 



Dougos Rapsani Old Vines Magnum 2013 | 51.50€




One of the best vintages for the region, as originally expressed by Dougos Winery.


Aivalis Monopati Magnum 2013 | 55.60€



A very special single vineyard Agiorgitiko, which will make you
reconsider what you've heard so far about the dynamics of the variety.



Tsantalis Agioritiko Avaton Gold Selection Magnum 2013 | 64.80€




An exceptional blend of Limnio and Cabernet Sauvignon, from the
impressive vineyards of Mount Athos.









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