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Magnus Magister Lager

Inspired by the Knights of Rhodes and the Grand Magister, their lifelong lord who ruled the island for 213 years, this Greek beer keeps the title alive to remind us all of this important part of the i..

Ex Tax: 1.05€

Chios Barbeque Smoked Ale

A smoked beer with a subtle bitterness and intense fragances of wood. Produced traditionally by roasted malts and naturally smoked with beechwood, this beer gives a special pleasure mainly when combin..

Ex Tax: 2.58€

Kirki Pikri Forbidden IPA

Rich taste and fragrances of citrus fruit (grapefruit, mandarine and bergamot ) are combined with bold quantities of hops and a distinctive dry hopping. The name of the beer has to do with grapefruit ..

Ex Tax: 2.90€

Kirki Niki Amber Lager

An "hybrid" lager, with a full body and amber colour. Three top pale malts provide a rich body and are combined with big amounts of fine hops. Niki is a different, luscious lager that will stay in you..

Ex Tax: 2.50€

Kirki Pale Ale

A special Pale Ale with orange colour. The bitterness is balanced by the sweet elements from the malt. Earthy fragrances with an essence from flowers, citrus fruit and nuts. You can't resist Kirki. It..

Ex Tax: 2.58€

Strange Brew Dr. Haze Imperial IPA

"Sick and tired of all those generic, sterilized things around? No one is feeling down, when Dr. Haze is in town!"Hazy deep gold color and a white head, with hoppy aromas of tropical and citrus fruit...

Ex Tax: 2.82€

Strange Brew Jasmine IPA

A beer with personality. Bright aromas of tropical fruits that are followed by gentle spicy notes. Full, fruity mouth, pleasant bitterness and mild texture, with bittersweet after-taste...

Ex Tax: 2.42€

Chios Fresh

Blond ale beer produced in Kampos, Chios, made of whole hop flowers and 3 fine malt varieties. 4 to 6 weeks of fermentation, in a limited amount of production, without the addition of preservatives or..

Ex Tax: 1.94€