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Noctua Head Twister Pale Ale 330ml

American hops with citrus, earthy characteristics and cereal create the aroma and taste of this golden pale ale. Bitter at first but then reveals all its characteristics. Full-bodied and intense after..

2.50€Ex Tax: 2.02€

Voreia Wit 330ml -14% Out Of Stock

Voreia Wit 330ml

Pale blond color, cloudy appearance, creamy white foam that leaves the imprint of the glass in each sip. Fruity aromas of coriander and orange are strong. As the temperature rises, aromas of vanilla a..

2.10€ 1.80€Ex Tax: 1.45€

Voreia Pilsner 330ml

Color gold, relatively clear, with plenty white foam which drops gradually, forming a distinctive ring. The typical aromas of a pilsner beer are there from the start. Hop is primarily giving aromas of..

2.00€Ex Tax: 1.61€