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Athanasiou - Winery

A different proposal on Assyrtiko, from the Athanasiou winery in Nemea, combining intense fruit with sharp acidity and notes of stony minerality.Organic farming and hand-picking, as in most vines of the winery.The fragrances of the variety, such as green apple, lemon and herbs, lavender and green te..
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Athanasiou Fysis 2017
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Fysis is an organic Nemea by Athanasiou winery, from a vineyard over 55 years old. Fermentation and extraction begin without the addition of sulfite and with wild yeasts for 4 weeks in special clay pots. Then the wine remains for 6 months in the containers and another 4 months in oak French barrels...
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The Athanasiou Winery produces wines with zeal, with strictly organic farming and excellent technological training. The grapes are carefully selected in mountainous Arcadia, in the area of Mantineia. After fermentation, remains sur lies for 4 months with frequently-performed batonnage. It is a great..
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Athanasiou Principessa Rosa 2019
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Dry rosé Agiorgitiko, full of vitality, nerve and fruity character from the rising Athanasiou winery in Nemea. Vinification that highlights the aromatic profile of the variety, creating a pleasant and tasty rosé wine. From vineyards at an altitude of 650 meters. Organic farming and hand-picking, as ..
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Athanasiou Thronos Red 2019
D '19
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 The Athanasiou winery is one of the emerging names of the Nemea landscape, giving emphasis on organic farming and excellent quality of fruit. Their Agiorgitiko is fruity and charming, whilst also excellent value for money.Traditional cultivation in vineyards of 320 meters over sea level.Fruitful no..
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Athanasiou Gi Fotos 2016
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The premium Nemea by Athanasiou confirms the potential of the newly-found winery and gives great impressions about its future. 100% Agiorgitiko, from low yield, 40 year old vineyards. Ages in French oak barrels for 12 months, plus 6 months in the bottle. Production of just 2018 bottles. Moderately a..
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