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Georgiades-Spinthiropoulos company, entitled Argatia, was formed in 2000 by Panagiotis Georgiadis and Dr Haroula Spinthiropoulou. The founders of the company, besides their personal life, have also shared their skills and professional experience creating high quality products, disposed for consumption, by the winery, as also by a room located into the Estate, which is open to visit. The founders of the company aim to attract people to the area in order to contribute to the development of agrotourism. Their vineyards are located in the regions of Krasna, in Rodochori and Lakka in Giannakochori and are being cultivatd according to the guidelines of organic cultivation and certified by DIO (Inspection and Certification of Organic Products). The cultivation techniques applied contribute to the growth of plants of moderate vigor and productivity, which constitute a prerequisite for the production of high quality wines.
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Argatia Haroula 2015
RP '18

Argatia Haroula 2015

Deep color wine with intense fruity aromas (cherries, small red fruits) that interlock with those of jam, tomato paste, olives, tobacco and spice notes. Body filled with very good structure and intens..

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