Acroterra wines

The inspiration behind Acroterra lies with two enterprising young Greeks, Apostolis Thymiopoulos and Spyros Chryssos. Their passion and talent in viticulture and winemaking have led to one common objective: searching for perfection to produce a limited quantity of world-class wines from Santorini’s very particular terroir.Behind Acroterra’s success lie several factors: decades of expertise in the field coupled with patience, unwavering passion for quality winemaking, and a conscious dedication to wine excellence rather than to profit. The resulting finesse, found in Acroterra’s bottles, speaks for itself.The vineyards lie between 200 to 350 meters above sea level in Pyrgos, a hilltop on the island favored for its quality vines. Put differently, Santorini’s stark volcanic hilly terrain miraculously gives way to surprising vineyards that yield excellent wine, thanks to a very distinct terroir and intricate microclimate.The wine boasts a certain light and airy freshness about it that has paradoxically been reinforced by the very properties of the cooled lava.In this barren yet blessed land full of contradictions, Spyros Chryssos and Apostolos Thymiopoulos have combined forces to create superb wines.

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