Acheon wines

Katsikosta family started wine production in 1946, when Luke Katsikostas with the meager means of that time, started making wine from indigenous varieties of Aigialeia. It was vinified and stored in wooden barrels, stacked in the wine shops basement cellar, near the port of Aigio. In 1962, Konstantinos Katsikostas, having inherited the passion of his father Luke, continues the tradition and founded the winery in the area of Palaiokamares of Aegio, equipping it with the most modern machinery at the time. In 2004, the oenologist Sosanna (after completing her studies in French universities), along with her brother Luke (third generation of the family) took over the family business to create quality bottled wines, after modernizing both premises and mechanical equipment. The Acheon Winery is oriented exclusively to Greek wine varieties of the charismatic area of ​​mountainous Aigialeia and Achaia in general. The overall production process is in accordance with the management system and food safety ISO 22000.

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By mating the Mavrodaphne and Muscat varieties, a natural rose semi-sweet wine with bright rose color, floral aroma, a special freshness and sweet Muscat aftertaste. ..

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Iron S 2016 -12%

Iron S 2016

The Sideritis variety is a noble variety of Achaea, which now tends to disappear. Golden color, with delicate and soft perfumes of citrus tones such as bitter orange, bergamot and lemon blossoms. Also..

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