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Decanter Orion

A very special decanter with impressive design that will be admired by everyone at your table. Its height is 33cm...

Ex Tax: 85.40€

Decanter Dolceto

It is a decanter of the "duck" type. Its beautiful handle embraces the "neck" and makes the overall design impressive. It can be used lying for wines while standing can be also used for water or juice..

Ex Tax: 38.71€

Decanter Reserva 700ml

The decanter Reserva is a beautiful decanter which can be used for both red and white wines for. Due to its design with the hole in the center, the visual effect is impressive when wine is poured insi..

Ex Tax: 32.34€

Decanter Firenze 1300ml

A beautiful decanter that will give the necessary breathing space to your red wines. It has a bevel rim and it is curved at the bottom, so as to facilitate serving...

Ex Tax: 17.02€