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Hybrid Decanter

Hybrid is a discreet and particularly elegant carafe with the signature of Spiegelau. It decorates our table and helps to highlight the aromas of the served wine...

Ex Tax: 33.31€

Novo Decanter

Spiegelau's new Novo carafe came to amaze. Handmade and specially made for the complete aeration of the wine as well as for the development of complex aromas. It could also be a decorative item. Made ..

Ex Tax: 160.81€

Casual Decanter

Carafe with angular design, offers a very good and safe grip for serving and a large base for secure support. Elegant and functional with the signature of Spiegelau. Ideal for business spaces. It will..

Ex Tax: 18.95€

Highline Handmade Decanter

Impressive carafe, mouthblown and handmade. Each one is completely unique. An ornament for your table, which also helps the wine to open its complex aromas. Unique design and elegance, with the signat..

Ex Tax: 160.81€

Willsberger Anniversary Decanter

Discreet and very elegant carafe Willsberger Anniversary by Spiegelau. It decorates our table and helps to highlight the aromas of the served wine. A special carafe that impresses...

Ex Tax: 46.45€

Frio Decanter

The only carafe that keeps the temperature of the wine at the desired level...

Ex Tax: 41.21€

Selection Decanter

Unique carafe, suitable for fast oxygenation of our wine. Accompanied by a lid...

Ex Tax: 32.02€

Millenium Decanter

Crystal decanter ideal for all wines and especially the aged ones. Its wide bowl allows the maximum breathing surface for your wine. The repetitive ripples it shows in the neck contribute to the oxyge..

Ex Tax: 18.31€

Diamante Decanter

Diamante decanter helps your wine to stand out quickly, thanks to its large surface. The big thief at the bottom makes serving extremely easy...

Ex Tax: 12.26€

Decanter Orion

A very special decanter with impressive design that will be admired by everyone at your table. Its height is 33cm...

Ex Tax: 85.40€

Decanter Dolceto

It is a decanter of the "duck" type. Its beautiful handle embraces the "neck" and makes the overall design impressive. It can be used lying for wines while standing can be also used for water or juice..

Ex Tax: 38.71€

Decanter Reserva 700ml

The decanter Reserva is a beautiful decanter which can be used for both red and white wines for. Due to its design with the hole in the center, the visual effect is impressive when wine is poured insi..

Ex Tax: 32.34€

Decanter Firenze 1300ml

A beautiful decanter that will give the necessary breathing space to your red wines. It has a bevel rim and it is curved at the bottom, so as to facilitate serving...

Ex Tax: 17.02€