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In 2006, Pieria Eratini was founded in Kolindro, in the Perfecture of Pieria, by the oenologits Pavlos Argyropoulos and Andreas Pantos. The 150 acre Estate vineyards located on the foothills of Olympus mountain, are being cultivated organically and planted with varieties, such as Xinomavro, Kolindrino, Assyrtiko and Malagousia, as also with several, internationally recognised ones, such as Chardonnay, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. The varieties cultivated were selected according to criteria, such as the soil, climate and plant adaptability. Kolindros is a town, situated on a hilly area in the north part of Pieria, at an altitude around 400 meters and surrounded by deep gorges. Formerly, was referred as an innaccessible to enemies, fort. To the south, east and west side of the town is located the forested area (the Mega Pierikos Forest) composed largely of oak, beech, chestnut, fir, pine, and maple trees. Pieria Eratini is placed, with particular care, on the hillsides around the Monastery of Saint Athanassius and the vineyards descend the slopes. Formerly, the most important vineplot of the region was located there.

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Blink Sparkling
Long-lasting foaming with intensity. Pale yellow color with soft aromas of almond flower, pear,..
Ex Tax: 8.21€
Efhes Erateines White 2013
Pale yellow appearance, with lemon and citrus aromas combined with elegant touches of mango, bu..
Ex Tax: 9.11€
Gymnos Vasilias (Naked King)
Based on 1 reviews.
Dense black color and spicy aromas of pepper, cherry, plum, coffee, vanilla and honeyed notes a..
Ex Tax: 20.57€
Efhes Erateines Glykis (sweet)
A delightful aperitif wine that deifies the popular "Greek" Malagouzia grape variety in its swe..
Ex Tax: 12.76€
Gymnos Vasilias (Naked King) Magnum
Dense black color and spicy aromas of pepper, cherry, plum, coffee, vanilla and honeyed notes a..
Ex Tax: 40.57€
META Malagouzia 2011
Belongs to the orange wines, meaning those who have been aged in a deliberate presence of oxyge..
Ex Tax: 15.37€
Efhes Erateines Red 2011
Deep red color. Aromas of red fruits, spicy spices, tomato paste, sweet gentle oak, cherries an..
Ex Tax: 10.16€
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